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The Journalist’s Craft

September 22, 2010

Yesterday, Sept. 21, 2010, in the late afternoon, I wrote and posted my own thoughts into The Citizen Reporter blog, of mine, at

The posted commentary or explanatory essay:

Health Risk of Eating Salmon that is Genetically Modified

     Just printed New On the Menu: Genetically Modified Salmon? from’s ‘Daily Health News’ Web site. Personally, I don’t recommend approving this type of salmon because of its unnatural development even though a few people might disagree with me and think that it is entirely safe for us to eat. Maybe it’s not.
     A person never really knows the level of safety in creating life from such genes. We are not God, but only humans. Humans who have limitations. Science and technology can only do so much until an unhealthy-like quality appears, causing a side effect in certain people who are allergic to this type of genetically modified fish or salmon. 
     Instead, we ought to think how could an agency clean and protect our oceans, so that there would be an adequate supply of natural salmons that are swimming in the waters for our fishermen to catch. And ask ourselves how safe is it to consume salmons that are farm-raised in ocean-based tanks.
     This “somewhat” natural growing process of producing farm-raised salmon doesn’t sound as though it’s too extreme as to compare its growth rate to those of the genetically modified salmon, which, according to a source named in this article, will grow in tanks that are land-based.
     What is frightening to read is the production of genetically modified salmon: “The eggs will be treated so that all fish that grow from them will be sterile females. That means they will not be able to reproduce, nor will they come into contact with males to reproduce with.”
     So how many of these type of fish does it take to create lifeless eggs that will never be able to become fertilized, giving birth to create natural fishes in the sea?
     Don’t be lazy. Help clean up our oceans. For now, stick with farm-raised salmons and don’t get too technologically fancy. I’m only concerned and worried about the future of our natural planet called “Earth.”
     Should we all, at least, try to protect our earth’s habitat instead of creating an artificial life form in our world? As a consumer who eats salmon, I hope these folks really think about this.            
*   *   *

So I’m enthusiastically back in reading and learning a lot more of “public journalism.” As a result, nowadays, I’ll try to search the Internet and read the newspaper, so I could find community news as well as news of the world and of our nation that are worth the public’s time and also my time. Upon finding such news, I will read, write, and post my citizen comments in the style of an essay.

In fact, a few minutes ago, I started to read, once again, The Journalist’s Craft: A Guide to Writing Better Stories. I just finished reading pages 44 and 45. Later, when my outstanding balance on my credit card becomes lower, I would like to order journalism books that were written by James B. Stewart, William E. Blundell, Donald Murray, and Jon Franklin.

According to this book, The Journalist’s Craft: A Guide to Writing Better Stories, all of these journalists are highly successful and top-notch storytellers. As a student who didn’t graduate to achieve a Bachelor of Arts degree in Print Journalism, I could definitely learn from these guys.

New ‘Live Journal’ Account

September 19, 2010

Remember my mother and uncle’s food problems? If so, then good! I just recently, Sept. 18, 2010, started a food budget journal titled Food On The Table in the Live Journal website. A link to my nonexistent, but trying to do something career.

Up and Going

September 18, 2010

Several months ago, I canceled my Facebook account because of personal reasons that had to do with the past. People I knew from church. It’s a depressing story about feeling respected enough in having the right to create my own social site. Who should and shouldn’t have? I could be wrong, but a person never knows. Besides, I felt that I didn’t want to be bothered by such individuals all of the time.

So I recently created my own social site on Two words of perfection: my space. My space and nobody elses. What does this Up and Going post has got to do with this Career Transitions: A Notebook Blog? Plenty. It’s a social tool called “networking.” Establishing and protecting my own identity.

Medical Terminology

September 16, 2010

I just learned or found out something new. I have been reading and studying Unit 1: The Word–Building System–Introduction to Word Parts Including Word Roots, Suffixes, Prefixes, Parts of Speech, and Plural Formation from the spiral bound book titled “Medical Terminology A Programmed Systems Approach”.

I’m stuck on this unit. Not really “stuck”, but still trying to memorize and understand how to put these medical terms into proper use. It’s similar to the English grammar in knowing how to change a singular word into a plural.

Although the everyday language could be broken down into prefix, word root, and suffix, it’s rarely expressed as such.  But in the medical field, these elements are essential. Especially learning the Greek and Latin suffixes, changing them from singular to plural.

Anyway, what I learned this morning while I was once again reading this unit was the list of vowels. As a child, I had been taught to know what are vowels, which are: a, e, i, o, u. So I thought. There is a y. In this unit, a “y” was added or included as a vowel. This sounds weird and not right. I could be wrong, so I ought to investigate and check…

I’m putting together an article about harvesting “corn” and a sidebar discussion about “agriculture.” An idea that came from Poynter Online’s Web site. This may take awhile and couldn’t be posted today nor tomorrow (depends, I’ll see) because of my thought process in mastering the art and technique to write directly into the posting page of my Blogger’s, The Citizen Reporter, blog site instead of just only relying on using the printer to print an entire copy of a subject’s information.

Hello world!

July 19, 2010

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